Holystone Distilling

Unwavering commitment to craft, artistry, and going beyond the ordinary.



About Us


Holystone has devised plans for a  unique distillation and production setup that is both beautiful and efficient. 


All Holystone products will be new recipes created from scratch by our award winning distiller.

Coming first to Utah


Holystone is devoted to creating an enthralling experience, from looking at our bottles, drinking our spirits, to visiting our distillery.


 Holystone is a soft and brittle sandstone that was formerly used in the Royal Navy and US Navy for scrubbing and whitening the wooden decks of ships. A variety of origins have been proposed for the term, including that such stones were taken from broken monuments of St. Nicholas Church in Great Yarmouth or else the ruined church of St. Helens adjacent to the St Helens Road anchorage of the Isle of Wight where ships would often provision. The US Navy has it the term may have come from the fact that 'holystoning the deck' was originally done on one's knees, as in prayer. Smaller holystones were called "prayer books" and larger ones "Bibles". Holystoning eventually was not generally done on the knees but with a stick resting in a depression in the flat side of the stone and held under the arm and in the hands and moved back and forth with grain on each plank while standing or partially leaning over to put pressure on the stick-driven stone. Holystoning continued on teak-decked Iowa-Class battleships into the 1990s. 

For us, the Holystone signifies persistance, hardwork, humility, and teamwork.


 The combination of the Bravo and Zulu nautical signal flags, e.g., Bravo Zulu, also referred to as "BZ," is a naval signal, typically conveyed by flaghoist or voice radio, meaning "Well Done" with regard to actions, operations or performance. In addition to U.S. naval forces, it has also been used as part of vernacular slang within NATO and other Allied naval forces. 

For us, Bravo Zulu gives us a standard to maintain. Our spirits will be done well and we aim to raise the BZ flags in every heart and mind that experiences our products and/or our distillery.

Our Team

Michael DeShazo

Owner/Market Scout

Ethan S. Miller

Owner/Head Distiller

After leaving the Optical industry, Ethan S. Miller stepped into the world of quality spirits by joining the team at High West Distillery. After a few years he then moved to Portland, OR and became a distiller for New Deal Distillery before returning to Utah to help start Dented Brick Distillery. 

Now he has teamed up with the DeShazo family to do something new, Holystone Distillery.

Ethan is an accomplished distiller that has won a plethora of awards for a wide variety of spirits.

Barbie Busch DeShazo

Owner/Events Coordinator